Brave Song – Aoi Tada lyrics

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“Brave Song” is a song sung by Aoi Tada (多田葵; Tada Aoi), with its lyrics and music being composed by famed visual novel writer Jun Maeda (麻枝准; Maeda Jun). Being the ending theme to the supernatural action anime series “Angel Beats!” (エンジェルビーツ!), the song was released under the Key Sounds label in a split single with the series’ opening, “My Soul, Your Beats!”, on May 26th, 2010.
The original soundtrack album for the series, released on July 28th, 2010, features a version of this song with a instrumental intro before entering into the first verse.


As brave as one can be, “Brave Song”, sung by Aoi Tada, travels on memory lane as the singer recalls her life’s journey. A journey where she had spent time with her friends, and when the time came for them to part, she held strong to not cry for the sake of love and laughter. Even if a cliff was ahead of her, she kept walking, avoiding any thought of running away into the void. But the weight of memories will become a heavy burden, and when the time comes when she forgets them, that will be when she isn’t “strong” or “brave” anymore. It will be when she’ll cry, but also be able to accept that her friends are now only memories and move on.


いつもひとりで歩いてた 振り返るとみんなは遠く
itsumo hitori de aruiteta furikaeru to minna wa tooku
I was always walking alone, and when I looked back, everyone was far away
それでもあたしは歩いた それが強さだった
sore demo atashi wa aruita sore ga tsuyosa datta
Even then, I kept walking, because that’s what it meant to be strong
もう何も恐くない そう呟いてみせる
mou nanimo kowakunai sou tsubuyaite miseru
“There is nothing to be afraid of,” that’s what I whispered to myself

いつか人は一人になって 思い出の中に生きてくだけ
itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake
Eventually, everyone will become alone, only living on within memories
孤独さえ愛し笑ってられるように あたしは戦うんだ
kodoku sae aishi waratterareru youni atashi wa tatakaunda
Even in the loneliness, I’ll keep fighting so that I can love and laugh
namida nante misenainda
I won’t show my tears*

いつもひとりで歩いてた 行く先には崖が待ってた
itsumo hitori de aruiteta ikusaki ni wa gake ga matteta
I was always walking alone, and a cliff waited ahead of where I was heading
それでもあたしは歩いた 強さの証明のため
soredemo atashi wa aruita tsuyosa no akashi no tame
Even then, I kept walking, to show proof of my strength
吹きつける強い風 汗でシャツが張りつく
fukitsukeru tsuyoi kaze ase de SHATSU ga haritsuku
A strong wind blows against me, and my shirt sticks to me from my sweat

いつか忘れてしまえるなら 生きることそれはたやすいもの
itsuka wasurete shimaeru nara ikiru koto sore wa tayasui mono
If we will be capable of forgetting someday, living would be such a simple thing
忘却の彼方へと落ちていくなら それは逃げることだろう
boukyaku no kanata he to ochiteiku nara sore wa nigeru koto darou
If I fall into the depths of oblivion, is that the same as running away?
ikita imi sura kieru darou
I presume my reason of having lived would also vanish

風はやがて凪いでた 汗も乾いて
kaze wa yagate naideta ase mo kawaite
The wind soon died down, and my sweat dried up too
お腹が空いてきたな 何かあったっけ
onaka ga suite kita na nanika attakke
I started to feel hungry, “Did something happen now?”
nigiyakana koe to tomo ni ii nioi ga yattekita
With lively voices, a good scent came along

いつもひとりで歩いてた みんなが待っていた
itsumo hitori de aruiteta minna ga matteita
I was always walking alone, and everyone was waiting for me

いつか人は一人になって 思い出の中に生きてくだけ
itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake
Eventually, everyone will become alone, only living on within memories
それでもいい 安らかなこの気持ちは それを仲間と呼ぶんだ
sore demo ii yasurakana kono kimochi wa sore wo nakama to yobunda
But I’m alright with that, because I’ll call these gentle feelings my “friends”

itsuka minna to sugoshita hibi mo wasurete dokoka de ikiteru yo
Eventually, I’ll forget the days I spent with everyone and live on somewhere
sono toki wa mou tsuyoku nanka nai yo
When that time comes, I won’t be strong anymore
futsuu no onnanoko no yowasa de namida wo kobosu yo
With the weakness of a normal girl, I’ll shed tears

Translation Notes

  • I might point this out over and over in some of my translations, but in the Japanese language, “not showing tears” is a parallel to “acting tough” or “remaining strong”. It’s similar to how some would say “don’t let your emotions rapture you”, but seeing the lyrics read “I won’t shed tears” offers a deep feeling that the singer is trying to remain brave through depressing times.


Other songs by Aoi Tada

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Author’s Notes

The lyrics are simple and understandable. That’s what I appreciate much about “Brave Song”. A plain tale of a girl marching on forward in spite of what seems to be the passing of her friends. They are no more with her, yet she tries to keep her face forward. The song has been compared to being a theme for Yuri Nakamura (中村ゆり; nakamura yuri), one of the core protagonists of the series, and I will agree. To those who haven’t watched “Angel Beats” just yet, keep in mind this ending theme as you watch the series.

One thing that caught me off guard was that the OST version of “Brave Song” was more complete than the single version. With that added instrumental intro, it gave myself (and probably others) a moment to intake the song before the lyrics enter. Talking about instrumentals though, the other versions of “Brave Song”, such as the piano arrange in the album “Holy”, are also a nice listen. Best to say now how I love the music composed under Jun Maeda.

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