Namida no Kioku – Eufonius lyrics

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“Memories of Tears” (涙の記憶; namida no kioku) is a song by Japanese progressive pop-rock band Eufonius, where singer Riya is the vocalist/lyricist and Hajime Kikuchi (菊池 創; kikuchi hajime) is the music composer. The track is part of a vocal mini-album by the name “Nostalgic Arietta”, an album dedicated to the drama-filled romance anime series, “true tears”. The album was released on April 7th, 2010, about two years after the anime series’ original run in 2008 from January to March.
This song is used as an insert song during the 3-minute epilogue of the series, often taken as the epilogue of the 13th episode which aired on March 30th, 2008.


“Memories of Tears” by Eufonius is a simple song of remembrance, looking back at tears that were shed in times of loss. The singer wants the person she talks to to hold dear to those memories, some that are full of sorrow and others that are irreplaceable. Hold dear to them, and even if the future does not lead them together, the singer wants to wish their recipient to walk on forward into the bright future.


samuzora no shita
Under the cold sky
minareta machinami
Lies a flowing town I’m used to seeing
yureta kage wo oikakeru
And I chase after wavering shadows

mayotta toki wa choppiri
Whenever you get lost on the way
tachidomatte mo ii
I believe it’s fine to stop for a moment
shinkokyuu wo hitotsu shite miyou
To take some time to breath

You know
ushinau koto wa kizu tsuku koto janai
It’s not that painful to lose something*
sou dayone
Isn’t that right?
issho ni wakatta koto
The things we found together
taisetsu ni shiyou
Let’s treasure them

流れる涙 光の中
nagareru namida hikari no naka
These flowing tears, in the light
utsumukanai yokogao wa
The profile of your face that does not sulk
konna ni mo kirei dakara
It’s just so pretty to look at

kono kimochi wo wasurezu yukou
Let’s keep on going without forgetting these feelings
kagayaku takusan no hibi ni
Among the shining days that all pass
kokoro ga furueteiru yo
My heart continues to shake*

You know
tsutaetai omoi wa
The things you want to tell someone
kotoba ni shinakya todokanai
You need to say them out loud or else they won’t reach
issho ni kanjita koto
The things we felt together
taisetsu ni shiyou
Let’s treasure them

こぼれた涙 光になる
koboreta namida hikari ni naru
The tears become light as they spill over
kakegae no nai mono wo
Everything that is so irreplaceable
konna ni mo te ni shita kara
I have attained so many of them within my hands

sorezore no michi demo yukou
Let’s head off on our own different paths
mabushiku sukitooru hibi ni
Among the bright and piercing days that pass
kokoro ga furueteiru yo
My heart continues to shake

Fedie sheri que c’est la vie
Ligui cidi do anything
Fedie sheri que c’est la vie
Beautifully and with the free*

Translation Notes

  • This line more specifically talks about how many people have the impression that losing something is more pain than heal. Thus, the statement says otherwise, that there is more out of it than pain.
  • “My heart is shaking” can be depicted that the singer’s heart continues to live strong. It can also mean that the singer’s heart continues to experience new events that moves her soul.
  • Some French/English mix that does not make sense/is hard to understand much beyond the “c’est la vie” portion, which means “It is life” in French. It would be lovely if someone could volunteer to decode what is being sung in those last moments of the song.


Other songs by Eufonius

  • TBA

Author’s Notes

“True Tears” is one of those anime series that I watched somewhat out of the blue. It looked like a romantic drama that I might like, and in some, I did enjoy. While there were some moments where I cringed, I felt that “true tears” had established itself as a unique show that I will treasure for years to come. The same goes to this song, as it seems to fit with the epilogue so well. Oh, and I’m an Aiko Andou fan; episode 7 is my favorite for it was a revolutionary kind of scene when I first watched it.

Eufonius never stops to awe me with the kind of music they pull for the many anime series they sing for. Although it’s only a handful of songs, songs such as “Megumeru” from Clannad are the kind of magic Eufonius has brought to the anime-music scheme.

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