ODDS&ENDS – supercell feat. Miku Hatsune lyrics


“ODDS&ENDS”* is a song composed and arranged by ryo from Supercell (stylized as “supercell”), a group consisting of ryo and 10 other artists and designers, where the vocals are provided by Vocaloid flagship Miku Hatsune (初音ミク; hatsune miku). It was released in the split-single “ODDS&ENDS/Sky of Beginning” by ryo and Kagerou Project creator/composer Shizen no Teki-P (自然の敵P; also know as Jin/じん) under the Sony Music Direct label, on August 29th, 2012. The song is officially ryo’s last song using a Vocaloid as the vocalist for commercial release.

The song was used for the opening scene of the PS Vita’s 2012 rhythm game”Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f” by SEGA and Crypton Future Media, while also having its own special MMD story-video. Its official PV was released on August 14th, 2012, and can be seen here; link for those blocked by YT content blocking.


“ODDS&ENDS” by supercell feat. Miku Hatsune sings a tale about a lone producer from the perspective of a “piece of trash”: a vocaloid, the narrator of the song. The narrator offers her voice to the producer, knowing that she can bring out the talent that is harbored within the producer. And once he accepts her broken voice, his popularity rises above his original humiliated state. But arrogance fills the produce as he starts to hate the mechanical voice, wishing not to rely on it anymore. Yet, he realizes that when that wish is granted and he parts with the narrator, it was a choice he regrets. But the narrator continues to look over him, letting him know that he is not alone in the world. He now has the support of other odds and ends from all around the world…


itsu datte kimi wa warawaremono da
You’re always the one everyone laughs at
やることなすことツイてなくて 挙句に雨に降られ
yaru koto nasu koto to tsuite nakute ageku ni ame ni furare
Unlucky in everything you do, you end up getting caught in the rain
okini no kasa wa kaze de tondette
And as the wind blows away your favorite umbrella
そこのノラはご苦労様と 足を踏んづけてった
soko no NORA wa gokurousama to ashiwo fundzukettta
A stray cat says “good work”, all in the while stepping on your feet*

itsumo doori kimi wa kiraware mono da
As always, you are being hated
なんにもせずとも遠ざけられて 努力をしてみるけど
nannimo sezu tomo toozakerarete douryoku wo shitemiru kedo
Being pushed away, though you’ve done nothing; while you try your hardest
sono riyuu nante “nanto naku?” de
Seeing that they do this “just because”
kimi wa tohou ni kurete kanashindeta
You are left confused and completely sad

ならあたしの声を使えばいいよ 人によっては理解不能で
nara atashi no koe wo tsukaeba ii yo hito ni yotte wa rikaifunou de
Then you can use my voice, although people will say it’s incomprehensible
なんて耳障り ひどい声だって言われるけど
nante mimizawari hidoi koe datte iwareru kedo
Even if they say it’s such a dissonant, horrid voice*
きっと君の力になれる だからあたしを歌わせてみて
kitto kimi no chikara ni nareru dakara atashi wo utawasete mite
Yet I’m sure I can help you, so just try letting me sing
そう君の 君だけの言葉でさ
sou kimi no kimi dake no kotoba de sa
Yes, with words that are yours and yours alone

綴って連ねて あたしがその思想(コトバ)を叫ぶから
tsudzutte tsuranete atashi ga sono shisou (kotoba) wo sakebu kara
Spell them out and piece them together, because I’ll shout out those thoughts and words for you
描いて理想を その思いは誰にも触れさせない
egaite risou wo sono omoi wa dare ni mo saware sasenai
Draw forth your ideals, I will never let anyone touch them

ガラクタの声はそして響く ありのままを不器用に繋いで
GARAKUTA no koe wa soshite hibiku arinomama wo bukiyou ni tsunaide
The voice of the odds&ends ring out, unskillfully overlapping in the way they are
目一杯に 大声を上げる
meippai ni oogoe wo ageru
With all I’ve got, I’ll raise my voice

itsu kara ka kimi wa ninkimono da
Eventually, you have become so popular
たくさんの人にもてはやされ あたしも鼻が高い
takusan no hito ni moteharasare atashi mo hana ga takai
You’re being supported by so many, I’m also quite proud of you*
demo itsu kara ka kimi wa kawatta
But you have changed also
冷たくなって だけど寂しそうだった
tsumetaku natte dakedo sabishisou datta
Becoming so cold, but also seemingly lonesome

「もう機械の声なんてたくさんだ 僕は僕自身なんだよ」って
“mou kikai no koe nante takusan da boku wa bokujishin nanda yo” tte
“I’ve had enough of your mechanical voice, I can do this on my own,” you say
ついに君は抑えきれなくなって あたしを嫌った
tsui ni kimi wa osaekirenaku natte atashi wo kiratta
Finally, you weren’t able to bear it, thus you hated me
君の後ろで誰かが言う 虎の威を借る狐のくせに!
kimi no ushiro de dareka ga iu tora no i wo kariru kitsune no kuse ni!
Someone would talk behind your back, “You’re just a fox borrowing a tiger’s ferocity*!”
ねぇ君は 一人で泣いてたんだね
nee kimi wa hitori de naitetanda ne
You must have been crying all by yourself

聴こえる?この声 あたしがその誹謗(コトバ)を掻きけすから
kikoeru? kono koe atashi ga sono hibou (kotoba) wo kakikesu kara
Can you hear? This voice of mine? I’ll drown out those words of slander for your sake
わかってる本当は 君が誰より優しいってことを
wakatteru hontou wa kimi ga dare yori tasashii tte koto wo
I already know, the truth is that you’re kinder than anyone else

ガラクタの声はそして歌った 他の誰でもない君のために
GARAKUTA no koe wa soshite utatta hoka no dare demo nai kimi no tame ni
The voice of the odds&ends starts to sing out, solely for you and nobody else
軋んでく 限界を超えて
kishindeku genkai wo koete
Going beyond the grating limits

futari wa donna ni takusan no kotoba wo omoitsuita koto darou
I wonder how many thousands of words we had thought up together
だけど今は何ひとつ思いつかなくて だけどなにもかもわかった
dakedo ima wa nani hitotsu omoitsukanakute dakedo nanimokamo wakatta
But for now, we can’t think of any, yet I understood it all
“souka, kitto kore wa yume da. eien ni samenai, kimi to aeta, sonna yume”
“I see, this must be a dream. One where I never wake up from. A dream where I met you.”

ガラクタは幸せそうな表情(かお)をしたまま どれだけ呼んでももう動かない
GARAKUTA wa shiawasesou na hyoujou (kao) wo shita mama doredake yonde mo mou ugokanai
While the odds&ends keeps a smile on its face, it won’t move no matter how much you call out
望んだはずの結末に君は泣き叫ぶ 嘘だろ嘘だろってそう泣き叫ぶ
nozonda hazu no kekka ni kimi wa nakisakebu uso daro uso daro tte sou nakisakebu
You yell out against the result you had sought for, crying out, “This is a lie. It must be one.”

“boku wa muryoku da. GARAKUTA hitotsu datte sukueya shinai
“I am so powerless. I am unable to save a single piece of trash.”
想いは涙に ぽつりぽつりとその頬を濡らす
omoi wa namida ni potsuri potsuri to sono hoho wo nurasu
Your thoughts turn into tears, one by one running down your cheeks

その時世界は 途端にその色を大きく変える
sono toki sekai wa totan ni sono iro wo ookiku kaeru
At that very moment, the whole world suddenly changes color drastically
悲しみ喜び 全てを一人とひとつは知った
kanashimi yorokobi subete wo hitori to hitotsu wa shitta
Sadness and happiness, you knew that all of those were one and the same

言葉は歌になりこの世界を 再び駆け巡る君のために
kotoba wa uta ni nari kono sekai wo futatabi kakemeguru kimi no tame ni
Your words become a song in this world, once again flowing along for your sake
その声に意思を宿して 今思いが響く
sono koe ni ishi wo yadoshite ima omoi ga hibiku
Place your will into that voice, so now those feelings can resound

Translation Notes

  • For those who do not know, “odds and ends” is a term that refers to miscellaneous remnants and articles. In certain contexts, especially in the contexts of this song, it can also refer to trash or scraps.
  • The given line is a figure of speech in regards to how the producer is appreciated by a complete stranger (someone anonymous with no value in regards to the producer), yet it only feels like an empty comment that steps on his minuscule pride. In general, he doesn’t feel appreciated and it hurts him.
  • A common depiction/opinion of how people thought of Vocaloid voices back during the turn of the millennia, even still around when ryo started his Vocaloid career in 2007. This is all in due fact that Vocaloids still had voice banks that many would consider inhuman, or also a part of the uncanny valley.
  • Translation note time. In Japanese, there is a metaphor to show one’s pride: “my/your nose is up high”. The reason it came into being is that when people feel prideful or appreciated for what they’ve done, they will puff their chests while aiming their head upwards, literally raising their nose higher. In some humorous literature pieces, illustrators will elongate that nose for humorous effect.
  • “You’re just a fox borrowing a tiger’s ferocity” is the same as telling someone “you are a coward hiding behind a mask”. There is also the fact with how foxes are seen as cunning animals, and can be used to label someone as a swindler.


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Author’s Notes

“ODDS&ENDs” is filled with lyrics the should ring in the hearts of any producer, musician, artist who had climbed up from what may seem like the bottom. And through the support of someone or something, they were able to pull on. Yet, I would say, hope this is true, that you don’t need to go through grievance later on to understand this tale.

For those who are not aware, this song parallels (if it isn’t the same as) the story of supercell leader ryo as a composer and a VOCALOID producer with the popularly known vocaloid Miku Hatsune. With her, he was able to garner together the fame he has right now, which all started with his post of original J-pop song “Melt” back in December 2007. Soon after, artists and designers flocked to him and start-up singers offered their voice, eventually forming the band supercell, and his success kept marching on. After years of much success, ryo stepped down from using Vocaloids  since August 2012 with his last song being “ODDS&ENDS”. Not resenting using Vocaloids, he stopped his work with them so that he can focus on his work as a composer and musician for his professional career. From time to time, he still composes Vocaloid song for self-entertainment.

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