Watashi e – supercell lyrics


“To Myself” (私へ; watashi e) is a song composed and arranged by ryo from Supercell (stylized as “supercell”), a group consisting of ryo and 10 other artists and designers, with vocals provided by guest vocalist Nagi Yanagi (やなぎ なぎ; yanagi nagi). Released in the band’s second studio album, “Today is a Beautiful Day”, on March 16th, 2011, purposely written by ryo as a reply song to “The Story You Don’t Know About” (君の知らない物語; kimi no shiranai monogatari), one of the lead songs in the same album whose tune aspired the melody of “To Myself”.

Even if your day had been good or bad, tomorrow will come, and the day after will also come…and that’s how life unfolds itself to you.
That’s why, you just have to keep living on. There was a time last year when I had thought of this.
In this song, you find yourself wanting to be positive even through the days filled with despair and resignation, telling yourself “let’s do our best”, all of this addressed to yourself.

-ryo’s description of the song, contained in the album’s special illustration booklet


Happening after the occurrence of the events in “The Story You Don’t Know About”, “To Myself” by supercell, sung by Nagi Yanagi, is a literal letter by the singer to her older self. She asks how her future self is doing, but eventually reports how she currently is not doing so well. She wonders if her current decision was the right one to choose, and if she’ll be able to come to terms with it. Yet, she knows in full that she does need to ask these questions, since her future self for sure knows her tale as much as she knows her own tale…


ハロー こんにちは 久しぶり
HAROO konnichiwa hisashiburi
Hello, how are you doing? It’s been a while.
watashi wa ima nani wo shiteimasu ka
What am “I” even doing right now?*
genki nara ii kedo
If you’re doing well, then I’m fine with that
tokoro de ano toki no kimochi wa
By the way, those feelings from that time,
wasureru koto ga dekita deshouka
were you able to forget them?
ima wa mada muri desu
It’s still impossible for me, even now.

itsu no hi ka motto toshi wo tottara
One day, when I’ve become more grown up,
wakaru hi ga kuru no deshouka
I wonder if that day of understanding will come.

hontou ni kore de yokatta no kana
Sometimes, I wonder if I was truly glad with this
tama ni omou koto ga aru kedo
Occasionally I have these thoughts.
sonna koto wa iwanai de okou
However, let’s keep this fact unsaid.
datte watashi wa shitteru kara
That’s because I already know.
jibun no monogatari wo
This is my own story…

Translation Notes

  • To note, in Japanese, it is not always necessary to place the subject of the sentence in. This can cause ambiguity within the meaning of sentences, confusing some readers. But in this case, in most cases, whenever the singer says “I” in the original Japanese lyrics, she is asking her future self. She never refers to herself by subject when talking about herself, but the context of the sentences navigate that point.


Other songs by supercell or Nagi Yanagi

Author’s Notes

“To Myself” is one of the most inspirational songs I’ve come across. I’m sure I’ll keep noting more songs as inspirational, but in this case, it’s possibly one of the most of all songs. The meaning behind the words ring true in my heart, allowing me to sympathize with it. I’ve related it with certain characters I’ve seen in anime and manga, to the point where I’ve written a fanfiction subtitled “To Myself”. It makes me cry, but also smile that I can feel as if this song is an anthem within my heart…

Speaking of characters I relate this song to, Akane Sasu Sora had used these lyrics as a base for his own cover of the song (as noted above in the glossary). Because the song doesn’t exactly come from any anime show, he used Haru Onodera from Nisekoi (my all-time favorite character; ie. my waifu) as the representative of the song. As Akane quotes it, “This is a song about a girl’s unrequited first love. In love with a man who loved someone else. A first love that was never meant to be.” And he’s absolutely correct. While it’s a sour thought, it’s an experience that empowers people in a different way…makes them mature and nurtured by the tears they shed…

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