Kanransha – Duca lyrics

notonoto cover

Do you remember the promise we made that day?

“Ferris Wheel ~That Day, and Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow~” (観覧車~あの日と、昨日と今日と明日と~; kanransha ~ano hi to, kinou to kyou to ashita to~) is a song sung by singer and lyricist Duca (デュッカ; dyukka) and composed by Meis Clauson of the Japanese music production group Angel Note, while the lyrics are by Tsuruba Tamasawa (玉沢円; tamasawa tsubura).
The song was intended to be used as the opening theme to the nostalgia-instilling visual novel “Promise of Passing Seasons, and the Warmth of Your Held Hand” (めぐる季節の約束と、つないだその手のぬくもりと; meguru kisetsu no yakusoku to, tsunaida sono te no nukumori to), also known as “notonoto” (のとのと), which was initially scheduled for release on September 27th, 2013. After much delays, the visual novel was canceled in June 2015 by the production company, Dandelion (だんでらいおん; also known as “d-lion”).
A trial edition of the game is still available on its website here (although a trial, it does contain some sexual contents; play at your own discretion). There is also a promotion video of the visual novel that uses the song as its theme.

While no individual single or album was released for the song or the cancelled visual novel, the song was included in Angel Note’s Best Collection Vol. 10 album, “To the Best Future”, among other songs by Angel Note. The album was released on May 2nd, 2014 under the Star Rose label.


“Ferris Wheel ~That Day, and Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow~” by Duca reminisces the typical tale of childhood memories and nostalgic promises. Throughout the song, the narrator describes her experiences, how she keeps holding onto fading memories and bears the pain of passing time. And especially to the person she is addressing this song to, she is stating that she’ll continue to experience these painful emotions as they are her feelings and recollections, all too important to abandon. Even if the Ferris wheel that they saw years before is now not operational… even if the memories she recalls are already broken to pieces… even if this dear person is not there anymore, the narrator knows that the connection between herself and this dear person is never at an end.


miageta sora ni wa kanransha
In the sky above, I see a Ferris wheel,
kyou mo bokura wo mitsumeteru
And it watches over us again today

nagareru kumo wo miageteita ne
The two of us were looking up at the flowing clouds
いつまでも飽きもせずに 二人
itsumade mo aki mo sezu ni futari
We did this without getting bored of it
kotoba wa nakute mo tsuujiaeta
We communicated without needing words
同じ空 同じ夢を見てた
onaji sora onaji yume wo miteta
that we were seeing the same sky and dream

omoide wa itsumo soba ni aru
Our memories will always be at our side*
yakusoku wa itsumo soko ni aru
The promise will always be there
tatoe ima koko ni kimi ga inai to shite mo
Even if you were to not be here anymore

壊れそうなキオクを 優しく抱きしめてたいんだ
kowaresou na kioku wo yasashiku dakishimetetainda
I just want to gently embrace my memories that might break apart
過ぎ去った あの日と昨日と今日と明日と
sugisatta ano hi to kinou to kyou to ashita to
For that day, and yesterday and today and tomorrow, that have gone by*
繋いだ手のぬくもり 優しさ忘れたくないんだ
tsunaida te no nukumori yasashisa wasuretakunainda
I don’t want to forget the kindness and warmth of our connected hands
無くさないこの思い 僕は
nakusanai kono omoi boku wa
I won’t let these feelings be lost…

めぐるよ めぐる僕らの季節
meguru yo meguru bokura no kisetsu
In circles, our seasons keep going in circles*
いくつもの 春夏秋冬を
ikutsumo no haru natsu aki fuyu wo
Going through countless springs, summers, autumns and winters
見送り迎えて また見送って
miokuri mukaete mata miokutte
Seeing them off, welcoming them back, only to see them off again
nanimo kamo utsurikawatte iku yo
No matter what, things keep coming and going

ano hi no yakusoku oboeteru?
Do you remember the promise we made that day?
yubikiri no riyuu oboeteru?
Do you remember why we made that pinky promise?
きっと いつまでも ずっと いっしょにいると
kitto itsu made mo zutto issho ni iru to
So that, for sure, we’ll be forever together

過ぎ去った思い出は 消えていってしまうのですか
sugisatta omoide wa kieteitte shimauno desuka
Are these memories of the past supposed to disappear away?
あの日見た 青空風と雲と太陽も
ano hi mita aozora kaze to kumo to taiyou mo
The blue sky, and wind and cloud and sun, we saw that day
kiri no naka ni shizunde kasundeitte shimauno desuka
Are they supposed to wane away into the thick of the mist?
融けてゆく 滲んでく
toketeyuku nijindeku
They melt away and blur away

優しいあの思い出は 僕の宝物なんだ
yasashii ano omoide wa boku no takaramono nanda
Those kind memories are a treasure to me
あの日のその微笑みは 僕の宝物なんだ
ano hi no sono hohoemi wa boku no takaramono nanda
Your smile on that day is a treasure to me
哀しいあの涙だって 僕の宝物なんだ
kanashii ano namida datte boku no takaramono nanda
Even those tears of yours steeped in sorrow are a treasure to me
切ないそのキオクだって とてもとても大切な
setsunai sono kioku datte totemo totemo taisetsuna
Even these painful memories are really, really precious to me

壊れそうな想いを それでも抱きしめてたいんだ
kowaresou na omoi wo soredemo dakishimetetainda
I just want to embrace these feelings even if they might break apart
過ぎ去った あの日と昨日と今日と明日と
sugisatta ano hi to kinou to kyou to ashita to
For that day, and yesterday and today and tomorrow, that have gone by
繋いだ手のぬくもり 優しさ忘れたくないんだ
tsunaida te no nukumori yasashisa wasuretakunainda
I don’t want to forget the kindness and warmth of our connected hands
nakusanai kono omoi
I will not lose these feelings

壊れかけのキオクを それでも抱きしめてたいんだ
kowarekake no kioku wo soredemo dakishimetetainda
I just want to embrace these memories even if they are already broken to pieces
歩んでく 未来も明日も今日も昨日も
ayundeku mirai mo ashita mo kyou mo kinou mo
The future, and tomorrow and today and yesterday,* they all continue to move on forward
見上げたこの空には もう廻らない観覧車
miageta kono sora ni wa mou mawaranai kanransha
In the sky above us was a Ferris wheel that will never turn again
見つめてるいつまでも 僕らを
mitsumeteru itsumade mo bokura wo
It will keep on watching over us

Translation Notes

  • Many times, in Japanese “at our side” (側にいる) is used in the same fashion as “together with us”. It’s almost like they treat the subject is like a person stand at one’s side.
  • As part of a title drop (or should it be subtitle drop?), “that day, and yesterday and today and tomorrow” collectively represents the flow of time the narrator had, has, is and will experience/experiencing/experienced respectively.
  • “Our seasons”: Although using the possessive term, this sentence is referring to specifically the passing seasons the narrator (and everyone related) experiences “in circles.”
  • At this point of the song, the narrator says “the future, and tomorrow and today and yesterday”, representing in some sense the future, and the present and the past, now moves on to support the narrator. Looking ahead before looking back in remembrance, the narrator is looking at a bright future.


Other songs by Duca or Angel Note

  • TBA

Author’s Notes

So sad the visual novel didn’t get officially released. While there is a trial edition which covers the beginning, along with H-scene demos, the way the plot seemed to be setup makes me scream for the full version. Why did it have to be cancelled!? Oh why… I’ll stop here, or else this author’s notes section would become more of a personal rant about the visual novel.

In some way I wonder if anyone has truly experienced childhood promises and nostalgia in the same sense this song is attempting to portray. For me, it rings quite true in the heart. Imagery fills my mind and I feel this soft pain deep down. Even though the subject of the song is in one way a downer as it talks about breaking memories, the tone its sung in along with the music itself makes it uplifting. It has so much power in it, yet it has a touch of fragility. I’m glad to have found this song and wish for anyone else to listen to this song.

As a last note, Duca is a fantastic vocalist. A newer generation VN singer since around 2003 and gaining recognition ever since, the songs she has done thus far are rather nice. As of late, she has for sure garnered a lot of attention, singing for more and more visual novels by the time of 2009. For the record, she had just as many songs done between 2005 and 2009 (6 songs, 2 separate composition roles) as she did in 2009 itself (6 songs, 5 roles in the same games for different musical roles); she only did 3 songs in total during ’03 and ’04 Its heartwarming to see newcomer singers on the VN side.

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  1. AdeHaze says:

    Aw man, this song bring back memories, although i don’t event get to play this game.

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