Aisubeki Mirai e – EXILE lyrics


“To the Beloved Future” (愛すべき未来へ*; aisubeki mirai e), officially translated as “To the Lovable Future”, is a song by the Japanese R&B/Pop boy band EXILE under Avex Group’s Rhythm Zone label; the song was produced by the band and Avex Group’s president Max Matsuura, a known record producer. Released on December 2nd, 2009, the song is the titular track to the group’s seventh studio album; the album is also the group’s first studio album performed by 14 members.

An animated music video narrative was released with the song, illustrating the theme of the song: We create the future of this world through our hope and dreams. The video can be seen here.

Who are the ones who make the future?
It is the dreams and future we draw out
For your sake
For this world’s sake
-Quote at the start of the music video


From the standpoint of an adult man, “To the Beloved Future” performed by EXILE is a song that ponders on impending future that is so precious to not only the narrator but also the next generation. For the children who are still dreaming, and for his beloved whose smile he wishes to keep seeing, the narrator wants to do something for the entire world so that it won’t go down a path of turmoil. Even though at one point, the narrator had lost his way, he had been lead back on the right path and wishes to share this joy around the world.


itsumade mo mitsmetetai
I want to be able to keep on seeing
shiawasesou na sono egao
That smile of yours that is full of joy
hiroi kono chikyuu no dokoka de kyou mo
In this vast world, somewhere, today again
naiteiru hito ga iru no kana?
Is there someone who is crying?*

itsumo kokoro ni iru
It’s always within my heart
taisetsu na hito wo omoi
Thinking of the people who are precious to me
shiawase de atte hoshii to negau
I wish for them to remain in happiness
boku no chiisa na yume
It is my small dream

itsuka nakushita mono datte
Even the things that we had lost
kitto mou ichido torimodoseru kara
We’ll be able to take them back again eventually
boku wa seippai sakebi tsudzukeru
I’ll continue to shout out with all I have
愛する気持ちまだ 止めないで…
aisuru kimochi mada tomenaide…
Please don’t stop these feelings of love just yet…

itsuka kidzutsuite
One day, I had been hurt
yasashii kimochi nakushite
And I lost my will to be kind
夢を追いかける 本当の意味さえ
yume wo oikakeru hontou no imi sae
Even the true meaning of chasing after dreams
Had disappeared from my sight

kodomotachi ga yume wo motta mama
The children keep a hold onto their dreams
ikite itte hoshii to negau kara
I pray for them to keep on living this way
ima bokura wa koko de nani wo subeki ka
Right now, what is there that we need to do here
愛すべき僕らの 未来のため
aisubeki bokura no mirai no tame
For the sake of our beloved future

ikusen no hoshi no naka
Among the hundreds of thousands of stars
yasashisa wo wakeau yorokobi wo shiri
I learnt about happiness that spreads kindness
bokutachi wa kore kara tsunaide yukun da
We will from here on continue to link together
kibou to inochi no ito
The string of hope and life

boku ga egao de irare tara
If I can remain smiling now
anata no egao ga miteirareru
I’ll be able to see you smiling too*
sou shinjite boku wa sakebi tsudzukeru
Believing in that thought, I continue to shout out
愛する気持ちまだ 止めないで…
aisuru kimochi mada tomenaide…
Please don’t stop these feelings of love just yet…

愛すべき僕らの 未来のため
aisubeki bokura no mirai no tame
For the sake of our beloved future

Translation Notes

  • Japanese lesson: In Japanese, “べき” (beki) is a suffix used with verbs that usually means “must do”. Thus, in general context, “愛する” (ai suru; to love) used with “べき” would end up as “Must love XXX”. But, in the case of this song, “愛すべき” (aisubeki) is being used to refer to the “future” (未来; mirai) as something that must be loved, as it is something beloved. This change should not always be applied though, as it is situational.
  • A contrast to the first part of the stanza, the narrator wonders, as he looks at the joy of his beloved’s smile, if someone out in the world is facing sadness.
  • These two lines of the stanza is a wishful thinking by the narrator, hoping that if he keeps hope in himself, he will be able to see his beloved being in happiness. Believing in this spell, he continues to shout for the world. This is subtly mentioned later on in the stanza.


Other songs by EXILE

  • TBA

Author’s Notes

EXILE is one of those bands that tends to surprise Westerners as you rarely find a group with dedicated singers and dancers. EXILE currently has 13 dancers and 2 singers as of this post, always featured in their music videos. Meanwhile in the West, its either a dance group or a band of musicians that rarely goes beyond 6 members.

EXILE in itself is a band that I’ve loved. Even though their songs have gone more pop in the latest years, it does not change that their songs from the past are always pleasant to listen to. I would say that EXILE was the first group to introduce me to, or at least interest me in, the R&B (rhythm and blues) genre with their emotional and slow melodies. The themes they tend to cover also make a shout out to common issues of the world, such as “dreams” and “the future” in this song.

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