Gekkou STORY – SCREEN mode lyrics


“Moonlight Story” (月光STORY; gekkou story) is a song by Japanesepop band SCREEN mode, consisting of voice actor/vocalist Yuu Hayashi (林 勇; hayashi yuu) and guitarist/music producer Masatomo Oota (太田 雅友; oota masatomo), released under the Lantis label. With the music done by Masatomo (Masatomo Oota’s member name) and the lyrics written by Yuu -YOU- (勇-YOU-; Yuu Hayashi’s member name), the song is the title track to the band’s debut single, released on November 11th, 2013.

The song was used as the ending theme to the 2013 supernatural slice-of-life anime, “Gin Gitsune” (ぎんぎつね). The label’s official YouTube channel has the full music video of the song here.


“Moonlight Story” by SCREEN mode is a calm song sun under the moonlight of a summer night, telling of how the future is filled with possibilities. While others may worry or attempt to stay strong, the narrator is filled with hope that comes from the future and the thousands who will reside in that future. Even if sadness may muddle that hope, the narrator wishes to let it shine as he has felt himself being lifted by the hope.


遠く聞こえてる、他人(ひと)の声 振り返り ほくそ笑む
tooku kikoeteru, tanin (hito) no koe furikaeri hokusoemu
You can hear from far away the voices of people, over and over, and you gloat
1から100になる 刹那その一瞬が永遠だね
ichi kara hyaku ni naru setsuna sono isshun ga eien da ne
That single moment that goes from 1 to 100 feels like an eternity

孤独さえ 支配したいと思ったけど
kodoku sae shihai shitai to omotta kedo
You wished to conquer even the loneliness
疑心暗鬼 敵わないや 手をのばそう
gishin’anki kanawanai ya te wo nobasou
But nothing can defeat the paranoia, so let me give you a hand

セカイの始まりは 偽りの物語
sekai no hajimari wa itswari no monogatari
The beginning of the world is a fabricated story*
tsuki ga sotto waratteru yo
The moon slowly laughs away
ナユタの未来へと 繋ぐメッセージ 僕を
nayuta no mirai e to tsunagu MESSEEJI boku wo
This message that connects the future of the people*
宇宙(そら)へ 導いてくれる Story
uchuu (sora) e michibiite kureru Story
It’s a story that leads me into the sky

過ぎ去った季節 あとに残った記憶 呼びかける
sugisatta kisetsu ato ni nokotta kioku yobikakeru
I recall the memories that are left behind by the passing seasons
umareru mae kara ima mo nao narihibiku boku no koe
This voice of mine that has been resounding before I was born, and even now

kurushimi no naka ni umoreta kagayaki ga
The light buried within all the sadness
汚れても 僕は守り続けてくよ
yogorete mo boku wa mamori tsudzuketeku yo
Even if it becomes dirty, I’ll on protecting it
いつの日か 涙に光る正夢を
itsu no hi ka namida ni hikaru masayume wo
One day, a dream will come true, shining in tears*
見つけたら まだ行けるさ もう一度
mitsuketara mada ikeru sa mou ichido
If I can find it, I’ll still be able to go, once more

ココロの奥から 続いてる道標
kokoro no oku kara tsudzuiteru michishirube
From the depths of my heart, there’s a line of signposts
mirai (asu) he michibiite kureru
They lead me to tomorrow and the future
どんな遠くても 譲れないこの思い
donna tookute mo yuzurenai kono omoi
No matter how far it is, I’ll never let go of these feelings
宇宙(そら)を 照らし出すはず I believe
uchuu (sora) wo terashidasu hazu I believe
Because they will for sure brighten up the sky, I believe

セカイの始まりは 希望への物語
sekai no hajimari wa kibou e no monogatari
The beginning of the world is a tale towards hope
koe wa kitto todoeteru
My voice for sure has reached
ナユタの未来から 降り注ぐ光 今も
nayuta no mirai kara furisosogu hikari ima mo
The light that falls from the future of the people, even now
僕を 照らしてくれる Story
boku wo terashite kureru Story
It is a story that shines upon me

Translation Notes

  • This part of the story may refer to how “the beginning of the world” in reference to the past is “a fabricated story”. Thus, the past is the past and may be a lie that binds oneself down. But due to how some of the lyrics play out later in the song, this part of the lyrics is up for discussion.
  • Nayuta” is a term that means “extremely large number”, coming from the combination of either “那由多” or “那由他”. “那” means “what?”, “由” means “reason”, while “多” and “他” feature similar definitions, meaning “many” and “others” respectively. The conjunction of the characters thus refer to a questionably large number of an object or people. In the context of the song, this term refers to “the people of the world”.
    • It can also be written in hiragana (なゆた) or katakana (ナユタ) with the same meaning.
  • The original Japanese text of “a dream will come true, shining in tears” literally translate to “a dream-come-true shining from tears”. But with how it is structured into the lyrics, I found it fit to have it remain as the way it’s displayed. It refers to a “dream that had become reality, thus shining brightly in my tears of happiness”.


Other songs by SCREEN mode

  • TBA

Author’s Notes

SCREEN mode is one of those newer group of bands that sprouted from the anime district, and they are not the only ones. Other singers or music groups that sprouted for the sake of anime or from their voice acting career include the ever-popular “JAM project” (Japanese Anime Music project), “petit milady” which consists of the voice actress duo Ayana Taketatsu (竹達 彩奈; taketatsu ayana) and Aoi Yuuki (悠木 碧; yuuki aoi), and Japanese idol Yui Horie (堀江 由衣; horie yui). In the case of SCREEN mode, they are a chance formation between voice actor Yuu Hayashi and producer Masatomo Oota. For sure, they were a hit with “Gekkou STORY”, which I really like.

The one thing that catches me most with this song is the way it picks up its tempo after the first stanza. While it remains steady thereafter, the way it starts off so calm as if I’m gazing up at the full moon, only to change pace to a more jazzy (?) tune that turns the slow dusk into a warm night under the moonlight. It does mirror the series its used for “Gin Gitsune” which has its calm moments and warm moments.

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