Hito ni Yasashiku – The Blue Hearts lyrics


“Be Kind to People” (人にやさしく; hito ni yasashiku) is a song by Japanese punk-rock band The Blue Hearts (ザ・ブルーハーツ; za buruu haatsu), first released on February 25th, 1987 under an independent label before the band signed with a record company; since then, the song has been released under labels Juggler and meldac in albums released at later dates. With lyrics and music written by the band’s vocalist, Hiroto Koumoto (甲本 ヒロト; koumoto hiroto) and the split-single’s cover design created by the band’s bassist, Junnosuke Kawaguchi (河口 純之助; kawaguchi junnosuke), a mix of the song was rereleased on February 6th, 2002 as it was featured in a 2002 Japanese drama by Fuji Television Network of the same name.

The song has been covered and used as the opening theme of Wit Studio’s 2015 slice-of-life adventure comedy anime, “The Rolling Girls” (ローリング☆ガールズ; rooringu gaaruzu), sung by the main cast members of the series. The anime also makes other references to The Blue Hearts tracks in their episode titles, such as “People of Disappointment” (期待はずれの人; kitai hazure no hito) and “Please Give Me a Star” (星をください; hoshi wo kudasai).


“Be Kind to People” is a song by The Blue Hearts about living on at your best. With the support within his own heart, the singing wishes for everyone to hear what he hears. To him, he hears someone telling him to keep on going and be kind to others. It doesn’t matter if they don’t return the kindness and love, because in the end, it all starts from somewhere. Thus, he wants to be that start and relay the happiness he had attained through others.


気が狂いそう やさしい歌が好きで
ki ga kuruisou yasashii uta ga suki de
I love songs that are so kind, they make you go crazy
ああ あなたにも聞かせたい
aa anata nimo kikasetai
Ooh, I also want you to hear them
このまま僕は 汗をかいて生きよう
kono mama boku wa ase wo kaite ikiyou
At this rate, I’ll keep sweating as I live on*
ああ いつまでもこのままさ
aa itsumademo kono mama sa
Ooh, continuing on, just like this
僕はいつでも 歌を歌う時は
boku wa itsudemo uta wo utau toki wa
Whenever I am singing a song
MAIKUROFON no naka kara
The inside of this microphone
ganbare tte itte iru
is saying, “do your best”*
聞こえてほしい あなたにも
kikoete hoshii anata nimo
I want you to hear it too
Give your all!

人は誰でも くじけそうになるもの
hito wa dare demo kujikesou ni naru mono
Anyone will feel depressed sometimes
ああ 僕だって今だって
aa boku datte ima datte
Ooh, even I will, just like now
叫ばなければ やり切れない思いを
sakebanakereba yarikirenai omoi wo
If I don’t shout out though, these feelings remain unfinished
ああ 大切に捨てないで
aa taisetsu ni sutenai de
Ooh, be careful with them and don’t throw them away
人にやさしく してもらえないだね
hito ni yasashiku shite moraenai da ne
You just can’t get people to be kind to others
僕が言ってやる でっかい声でいってやる
boku ga itte yaru dekkai koe de itte yaru
But I’ll say it, with as much of a loud voice I can make
ganbare tte itte yaru
I’ll tell them “do your best”
聞こえるかい ガンバレ!
kikoerukai ganbare!
Can you hear me? You can do it!

やさしさだけじゃ 人は愛せないから
yasashisa dake ja hito wa aisenai kara
Kindness alone will not make people love others
ああ なぐさめてあげられない
aa nagusamete agerarenai
Ooh, they won’t comfort you
期待はずれの 言葉を言う時に
kitai hazure no kotoba wo iu toki ni
When I say things people don’t expect
kokoro no naka dewa
The inside of my heart
ganbare tte itte iru
is saying, “do your best”
聞こえてほしい あなたにも
kikoete hoshii anata nimo
I want you to hear it too
Give your all!

Translation Notes

  • The act of sweating is seen as performing hard work. Thus, the singer wishes to express his wish to keep living with all he has.
  • Instead of letting “ganbare” (ガンバレ) stay with one translation (along with keeping its romaji in small caps due to being an actual Japanese term turned katakana for emphasis), three different phrases were used as the term can be translated as so. It also avoids repetition, especially in a song such as this that is attempting to inspiring oneself.


Other songs by The Blue Hearts

  • TBA

Author’s Notes

It quite nice when a currently running anime series, or any media of the kind, plays or covers a song that is from the days back. Some examples include “Secret Base ~The Things You Gave Me~” (Secret Base ~君がくれたもの~) by the Japanese all-female pop-rock band Zone used as the ending theme to two different anime series and “One More Time, One More Chance” by Masayoshi Yamazaki (山崎 まさよし; yamazaki masayoshi). In comparison to these two songs which were released in 2001 and 1997 respectively, “Be Kind to People” comes from 1987, close to 30 years ago! There are so many other songs that give a feeling of nostalgia, even if I wasn’t even born during that time, or at the least part of that generation.

Compared to others, I watched “The Rolling Girls” out-of-season when I usually watch recent series in-season, unless I am quite too busy to watch everything during the season they are aired in. Even then, watching Rolling Girls was a terrific experience, regardless of the “bad” art others claim about or the craziness of each episode which I believe makes it fantastic. Even then, it was quite the surprise to find out the cute-sounding “Be Kind to People” sung by the series’ voice actors is originally sung by a bunch of youthful men with rough voices. While I enjoyed their version nonetheless, I literally fell back in my chair. What a good surprise and laugh I had

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