Ai no Tame ni – Yui Sakakibara lyrics


“For Love” (愛のために ; ai no tame ni; lit. “For the Sake of Love”) is a song by Japanese voice actress and singer Yui Sakakibara (榊原ゆい; sakakibara yui)、with lyrics done by lyricist Yuki Matsuura (松浦有希; matsuura yuki) and music by composer Shigenobu Oogawa (大川茂伸; ookawa shigenobu). Used as an insert song in the 2007 romantic-comedy anime series, “Nagasarete Airantou” (ながされて藍蘭島; lit. “Washed Away, Airan Island), the song was released on August 22nd, 2007 in the anime series’ second original soundtrack album, otherwise known as “Nagasarete Airantou Character Image Album ~Hear the Song of the Island – the Second~” (ながされて藍蘭島キャラクターイメージアルバム ~聴いちゃって、島の音 - 其の弐~; nagasarete airantou KYARAKUTAA IMEEJI ARUBAMU ~kiichatte, shima no ne – so no ni~).


“For Love” by Yui Sakakibara is a gentle love song that declares one’s affirmed wish of committing their love for love. Ever since the singer had met with her loved one, her tomorrow has been bright. Because of this, she wishes to pledge her love to protect her loved one. Even if this love is not reciprocated, she only wishes that she can keep living strong because she’s been saved by this love.


君と出会えた時から 明日が輝きはじめた私だから
kimi to deaeta toki kara ashita ga kagayakihajimeta watashi dakara
Every since the time I’ve met you, my tomorrows have been shining brightly, because of that
君がねぇ 決めたことならば
kimi ga nee kimeta koto naraba
Whatever you decide for me, you know
まっすぐ そっと見つめてる 笑顔の花束抱いて
massugu sotto mitsumeteru egao no hanataba daite
I’ll keep looking straight at you while embracing this bouquet of smiles

ホントはね そんな私でいたいけれど
honto wa ne sonna watashi de itai keredo
Actually, I wish I could remain like that
やっぱりあふれる気持ち 駆け出してしまった
yappari afureru kimochi kakedashite shimatta
But in the end, I had let these overflowing feelings out

ずっとそばにいて 私の大切なひと
zutto soba ni ite watashi no taisetsu na hito
Please be with me forever, my most precious person
たったひとつ かけがえない愛
tatta hitotsu kakegae nai ai
This is my one and only irreplaceable love
せつなさの向こうに 永遠があると知った
setsunasa no mukou ni eien ga aru to shitta
I’ve learnt that there is an eternity beyond this struggle
どんなこともきっと 受け止める勇気をください
donna koto mo kitto uketomeru yuuki wo kudasai
Please give me the courage to be able to accept whatever happens

はりつめた理性 ほとばしる感情の前で
haritsumeta risei hotobashiru kanjou no mae de
Before my constrained reasoning and outpouring feelings
konna ni muryoku na mono da to wakatta no
I finally understood that I’m so powerless

君を守りたい 全身全霊で ただ
kimi wo mamoritai zenshinzenrei de tada
I want to protect you, with my body and soul
愛のために すべてを捧げて
ai no tame ni subete wo sasagete
And only for the sake of love, I would sacrifice everything
君が思うままに 自由に羽ばたくときは
kimi ga omou mama ni jiyuu ni habataku toki wa
So when the time comes when you’ll fly off freely
その瞳が清く 美しく 澄んでいますように
sono hitomi ga kiyoku utsukushiku sundeimasu you ni
I hope your eyes remain clear, pure and beautiful

願いのかけらを あの空に飛ばすの
negai no kakera wo ano sora ni tobasu no
I want these pieces of my wish to fly into the sky

for you for me for Love

Translation Notes

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Author’s Notes

A very straight-forward song, as evident that I didn’t need to use translation notes (or I assumed so; if you have any questions, just ask). At one point in a person’s life, I would wish for everyone experience the kind of love the song illustrates. The kind of love where you want to smile silently before whatever happens, even though deep down, you wish to express yourself selfishly. It may sound rather strange to some, but I feel that it teaches a few lessons to our soul to experience such.

The series the sing is from, “Nagasarete Airantou”, is in truth a series that I follow closely. I also have been its latest translator on the scanlation side, although in the last couple of months, I haven’t had the time to commit (while the team I work with is busy itself too). But it does not change how much I love this series. For sure, it’s an all-time favorite for me. The song is for sure a tribute to the main heroine, Suzu, who faces similar feelings by the time the song plays in the last episode. But I also feel that the song can apply to a couple of the other heroines or even to Ikuto, the protagonist. Before I end this Author’s Notes, I’ll say this: Ayane is the best heroine!

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