Pride Kakumei – CHiCO with HoneyWorks lyrics


“Pride Revolution” (プライド革命; puraido kakumei) is a song sung by CHiCO, collaborating with producer group HoneyWorks who composed the music and wrote the lyrics. The song was released as the title track to the collaboration’s third single on August 5th, 2015 under the Music Rain (ミュージックレイン) label. The song was used as the 15th opening theme to the comedy anime series “Gintama” (銀魂), more specifically as the 2nd opening to the series’ 3rd season, “Gintama°” which began airing in April 2015 and is still airing.

Just like most songs done by HoneyWorks, there is an accompanying music video that was released on July 29th, 2015. Due to copyrights, the music video is not available on most sites, although covers of the song with the music video are available. The music video is available on NicoNicoDouga, here.


“Pride Revolution” by CHiCO with HoneyWorks shouts a battle cry of change from looking away from the truth to standing on one’s own two legs. As the title suggests, the narrator goes through change in his ego, moving away from his selfish and cowardice self that was too weak to do anything, eventually becoming a warrior willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the person who had stayed at his side. He wants to go up and beyond, because that person had given him the reason and strength to live before.


risou dake wo kuchi shiteta kako
The past where I only spoke of ideals
kabe wa doko ni datte tachifusaide
Walls kept on blocking my way everywhere
tasaguri de ikiteku
I lived my life as I kept fumbling around*

akai sora ga kage wo nobasu
The crimson sky makes the shadows grow tall
mada sore wa toyorinakute jibunkatte
Yet, it is also unreliable and selfish
tameiki wo kobosu
So I let out a sigh

chigau hohaba awanai kokyuu demo
Even with our uneven pacing and unmatched breathing
kimi wa massugu ni butsukatte
You kept on facing things straight on
soba ni itekureru
While remaining at my side

surechigau mikawaseba sou torinokosareteita
When I overlooked as you passed by, I was left behind just like that
“asu wa mietemasuka”
“Can you see what’s tomorrow?”
kurayami kakikesu kimi no koe ga kikoetanda
I can hear that voice of yours erasing the darkness away

yowakutatte tachimukaunda
I’m so weak, yet I’ll keep on fighting
riyuu nara kimi ni moratta
Because I’ve received from you a reason to live
wakatteru, dakara ikundayo.
I know it well, that’s why I’ll go.
ima mo kurushikutte mune ga itai yo
Right now, I’m so pained that my heart aches
chikara nara kimi ni moratta
But I’ve received my strength from you
mamorinuku tame ni ikundayo
I’ll go out so I can protect you

makete bakari mamoru mono mo nai
Always losing, there’s nothing I can protect
sonna jishin nakute shiai houki
Having lost my confidence, I forfeit the fight
iiwake wo kobosu
And I let out all the excuses

doko kara to naku mimi wo sashita koe
From all around, I can hear voices piercing my ears
kimi wa “massugu ni butsukare” tte
And you say “face everything with all you’ve got”
kuyashisou ni nageku
As you lament bitterly

sawareaeba mune no oku ni dosoku de fumikonda
When we come in contact, I step forward within my heart
“asu wa kimi ga kimero
“You decide what’s tomorrow”
暗闇かき消す君の声は 泣いていた
kurayami kakikesu kimi no koe wa naiteita
Your voice that erases the darkness was crying out

namida nante furiharaunda
I’ve got to set aside my tears
riyuu nara boku ga tsukutta
Because I’ve made a reason for myself
wakatteru, dakara ikundayo.
I know it well, that’s why I’ll go.
ima mo kowakunatte ashi ga sukunde
I am scared now, and my legs give out
hontou wa furueterunda
I am actually shaking
torimodosu tame ni tatakau yo
But to take you back, I’ll keep on fighting

“I’ll keep on fighting”
“I’m not afraid”
“kimi ga iru”
“You are here”
“koko ni iru”
“I am here”
“Please wait for me”
“It’s alright”
“makenai yo”
“I will not lose”
“I’ll believe in that”*

saa fumikonde susumunda
Now, I’ll step forward and keep on going
todoku made warae
Until I reach you, keep smiling

koe ni naranai sakebigoe ga
The voice I want to raise never comes out
mune no naka furueterunda
Because my soul is shaking from it instead
wakatteru, dakara tatakau yo.
I know it well, that’s why I’ll fight.
ima wa hitori janai mine ga atsui yo
I’m not alone right now, and my heart feels warm
chikara nara kimi ni moratta
Because I’ve received my strength from you
mamorinuku tame ni tatakau yo
I’ll fight so that I can protect you

kimi to mata waratteru
So that I can smile with you again

Translation Notes

  • This first stanza is a self-reflection by the narrator of how he only looked at ideals, thus didn’t bother about what he really had to face. Blinded by some of his selfishness, the way he lived was in truth nowhere close to his ideals.
  • These lines can be interpreted as a brief exchange by the narrator andtheir friend/significant other. If one were to look it from the music video’s perspective, the narrator is on their way to save this person, and in exchange, the person reassures the narrator that he/she is still fine.


Other songs by CHiCO or HoneyWorks

  • TBA

Author’s Notes

“Pride Kakumei” is another of those powerful anthems that sears the heart. What I like about this song is that the person the narrator refers remains ambiguous whether the person is a dear friend or a lover. Obviously, the music video follows the latter, but the lyrics still stand that it can also talk of a true friend who had remained at one’s side. Yet, the focus is about the narrator’s change from selfish to selfless in one way or another.

HoneyWorks has done some incredible songs in the past years, and “Pride Kakumei” is not their first song used for an anime theme, which means a lot. They’ve also done other collaborations and even vocaloid songs. Most definitely, they are most recognized for their Confession series that literally has its own plot line laid out, and I look forward to when I post the translation to the songs from it. Akane Sasu Sora, a dear friend of mine who cover songs, has done some covers for HoneyWorks songs, so take a look at them at his YouTube channel here. Otherwise, I recommend checking out their other songs nonetheless.


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7 Responses to Pride Kakumei – CHiCO with HoneyWorks lyrics

  1. Raito says:

    Amazing translation!
    I just would like to point it out two things:

    sawareaeba mune no oku ni dosoku de fumikonda
    When we come in contact, I step forward within my heart
    “ashita wa kimi ga kimero
    “You decide what’s tomorrow”
    暗闇かき消す君の声は 泣いていた
    kurayami kakikesu kimi no koe wa naiteita
    Your voice that erases the darkness was crying out”

    At the “ashita wa kimi ga kimero”, she actually sings “asu wa kimi ga kimero”.

    And at
    “I’ll believe in that”

    Mitometeru doesn’t mean believe. Mitomeru has a meaning of ” to observe”, “to watch carefully” in this scene (

    She actually means that she will be watching him fighting through the end. It has a different weight. She doesn’t reassure him that he will win, but that she will be watching. If someone is watching, your efforts are stronger to fulfill your promise. So she actually says:

    “I’ll be watching you.”

    I hope it helps!
    Thanks again for your translation!

    • I thank you very much for the point-outs and will fix these careless mistakes accordingly.
      As for the part with “mitomeru,” I believe it can go either way. In the context of the music video for example, she will not be able to actually watch the guy come save her, but will believe that he’ll pull through. I too believe that believing in someone can have just as much of a deep meaning as watching over someone (she watches over him, with the belief that he’ll be able to do it).
      Have a nice day o/

  2. Hi!! Can I ask for a permission of using your English lyrics of Pride Kakumei? I’m making an English Sub of the music video, and I’m searching for a nice English lyrics of it, and I found yours, and it was nicely done. I hope to receive your permission, thank you so much. ^____^ Have a nice day! ^^

  3. Dan says:

    May I please use your lyrics for a school project? Like kristanicolea, I was impressed with your translation. I will give credit to you. Thank you very much!

    EDIT: To clarify, it will be a video.

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