Shirushi – LiSA lyrics


“Proof”* (シルシ; shirushi) is a song by Japanese pop singer LiSA (リサ; an acronym of “Love is Same All”), whose actual name is Risa Oribe (織部 里沙 oribe risa), released as the title track to her 8th single under the Aniplex Incorporate label on December 10th, 2014. The lyrics were created by LiSA with the music composed by composer Kayoko (カヨコ).

The song was used as the third ending theme during the Mother Rosario arc of the second season of the supernatural action anime series “Sword Art Online” (the second season officially called “SAO II”), which aired from August 8th to September 26th of 2015. The second season’s second ending theme, “No More Time Machine,” is also included in the single.


As time passes, a single life approaches an impending end. In “Proof” by LiSA, the narrator keeps looking straight forward even as a cliff approaches. She recounts the fond memories and the brief moments that keep on passing. Even though the time she has left is limited and her heart has faltered on the way, she has been able to face her fears as she thinks of her dear person. Although she wishes for many days more to be with this person, having seen that there is proof of her existence within her beloeved’s eyes, she plans to smile until the very end no matter how soon it may be. Her only selfish wish is that her beloved does not disappear before her eyes without her noticing it.


街明かり照らした 賑やかな笑い声と 路地裏の足跡
machi akari terashita nigiyakana waraigoe to rojiura no ashiato
In this town lit by streetlights, filled with the sound of laughter, with footsteps left in the alleyways
伝えたい想いは どれだけ届いたんだろう いつも振り向いて確かめる
tsutaetai omoi wa dore dake todoitan darou itsumo furimuite tashikameru
I wonder how many feelings I want to tell have been recognized*, so I always look back and confirm

いつだって迷わず キミはきっとどんなボクも追いかけてくれるから
itsudatte mayowazu kimi wa kitto donna boku mo oikakete kureru kara
You’re always looking forward, so I already know that you’ll be able to chase after me no matter how I am

じっと見つめた キミの瞳に映ったボクが生きたシルシ
jitto mitsumeta kimi no hitomi ni utsutta boku ga ikita shirushi
Those eyes of yours that I stared straight into, I could see the proof of my living existence
何度も途切れそうな鼓動 強く強く鳴らした 今日を越えてみたいんだ
nando mo togiresouna kodou tsuyoku tsuyoku narashita kyou wo koete mitainda
This heart that has almost broken so many times, I let it ring strongly, so strongly, because I want to try and surpass today

手にした幸せを 失うことを恐れて 立ち止まっているより
te ni shita shiawase wo ushinau koto wo osorete tachidomatteiru yori
Rather than coming to a stand still just because I fear losing this happiness in my hands
一つ一つ大きな 出来るだけ多くの 笑顔咲かせようと たくらむ
hitotsu hitotsu ookina dekiru dake ooku no egao sakaseyou to takuramu
I plan on smiling, one smile at a time, as big of a smile that I can make each time

思い出す ボクらの 通り過ぎた日々がいつも輝いて見える様に
omoidasu bokura no toorisugita hibi ga itsumo kagayaite mieru you ni
For the sake of the old days we spent together, those days that I remember, that they may shine brightly

ぎゅっと握った キミの温もりで 感じた ボクら繋いだ証
gyutto nigitta kimi no nukumori de kanjita bokura tsunaida akashi
Your warmth that I had embraced tightly, I can feel the evidence that we were once connected
キミと今同じ速さで あの日描いた未来を 歩いている
kimi to ima onoji hayasa de ano hi kaita mirai wo aruiteiru
I walk towards the future we drew up that day, at the same speed that you are going at*

ikutsu negai kanaetemo kimi to sugoshitai atarashii asu wo sugu ni
No matter how many wishes are fulfilled, I am sure that I will always wish
次々にボクは きっとまた願ってしまうから
tsugidzugi ni boku wa kitto mata negatteshimau kara
Again and again for the tomorrow that I could spend together with you

nagareteku jikan wa youshanaku itsuka bokura wo saratteku kara
The flow of time is unforgiving, since one day it will part us away from each other
瞬きした一瞬の隙に キミの見せる全てを見落とさないように
mabatakishita isshun no suki ni kimi no miseru subete wo miotosanai you ni
I just hope that everything about you will not disappear before me in the blink of an eye

じっと見つめた キミの瞳に映った ボクが生きたシルシ
jitto mitsumeta kimi no hitomi ni utsutta boku ga ikita shirushi
Those eyes of yours that I stared straight into, I could see the proof of my living existence
何度も途切れそうな鼓動 強く強く鳴らした
nandomo togiresouna kodou tsuyoku tsuyoku narashita
This heart that has almost broken so many times, I let it ring strongly, so strongly
kyou wo koete ikenakuretemo
And even if I can’t surpass today
kimi to ikita kyou wo boku wa wasurenai
I will never forget how I lived with you today

Translation Notes

  • Some translations prefer to title this song “symbol,” which isn’t incorrect in definition. But when it comes to this song, I feel that “proof” as a word defines the song better, as the song talks about “leaving behind “the proof of life” rather leaving behind a symbol.
  • In Japanese, the context of this sentence says “I want to tell”. In truth though, this is referring to attempts of telling the feelings rather than the thought of attempting untold feelings. Thus, the narrator wonders how many of her feelings had reached the people she wanted to tell them to, and in some way wonders how many of them didn’t reach. Which is why I used “recognized” than “reached”, as some of the feelings may have reached, but were not recognized by the recipient.
  • The interesting part of this lyric that catches my attention is that the narrator says “at the same speed that you are going at” instead of “we are going at the same speed.” This does significance though in that the narrator is trying to remain at her beloved’s side, not afraid that her end is coming ever closer. Indirectly, I feel the narrator is saying she doesn’t mind going at the speed towards the future, even if it dwindles her time more.


Other songs by LiSA or from SAO -Sword Art Online-

  • TBA

Author’s Notes

SAO isn’t the biggest show in my book, and for good reason. I do not say that it is a crap of a show, but there are some flaws that doesn’t attract my attention enough to not call it a good show either. But, nonetheless, it has had moments where you can awe along with plot points that ruptures your emotions for good reason. Most especially, I have cried at least twice as I watched this show, which led me to read the light novels. If a story can do that, at the least it’s a show worth watching even if there is lots of cringe.

For those who have watched the show, especially the Mother Rosario arc it was aired for, but didn’t understand the meaning behind the translated lyrics right off the bat… I would like to say shame on you, but that’s harsh. While the song remains ambiguous enough so people who haven’t watched the show wouldn’t know for what purpose the song was made for, the song was basically written for Yuuki. As soul-crushing her situation was already, the song only makes it even more heart-rendering. As a character whose time is basically up, the song speaks exactly how she dealt with the situation, along with an “if” situation if she had a lover.

These sentimental but bittersweet love songs are what I like. They value the fragility of life instead of putting it off with “I will love you for an eternity”. The portrayal of the emotions are stronger as they value the memories than just the love. This could be a personal opinion, or just clash of cultural values, but I just wished to state this opinion. Of course, I like love songs of all kinds, but these are the kinds that really get at my heart.

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  1. Rei says:

    Thank you for this post ❤. It really shows the true meaning of the song and how it touched my heart so much. I can really understand fully the way the music and the lyrics connect. Well done!

  2. Shaun says:

    Very nice post indeed

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