Quiet Happiness

Top: China; Bottom: India

“QUIET HAPPINESS” is a song written and choreographed by Genki Sudo (須藤 元気; sudou genki) and performed by WORLD ORDER, a dancing crew assembled by Sudo to dance like robots while wearing business suits. While being the first song released without Sudo after his final video as a front man (he still participates as the director and producer of the group), this song is the first song to be sung by Akihiro Takahashi (高橋 昭博; takahashi akihiro) and Masato Ochiai (落合 将人; ochiai masato), the group’s dancers-now-also-front-men who have replaced Sudo.
The song was released on YouTube on February 27th, 2016 under two videos, one shot in India and another in Shangai, China. Although they feature the same choreography, the different settings offer a different spice to the performances of their respective locations.


With simple lyrics and humble happiness, “QUIET HAPPINESS” by WORLD ORDER chatters about the gratitude to the simplicity of life and enjoying them in a modest fashion. From simple flower viewing to receiving their lost wallet back, the narrator continues their casual life while expressing quietly the happiness they receive from it. They hum. They gaze. They dance. They smile. All so quietly, without letting it burst out in noise.


こんにちわ お元気ですか
konnichiwa ogenki desuka
Good day to you, are you doing well?
boku wa senjitsu saifu wo nakushimashita
I had lost my wallet the other day

dakedo itsumo no KAFE mitsukattandesu
But I had found it at the cafe I usually go to
hirottekureta hito ni kansha shiteimasu
I appreciate the person who picked it up for me

nantonaku shiawase na boku wa JAZUMIN TII no nioi ni tsutsumarete
I, who am happy for no reason, am embraced in the smell of Jasmine tea
uta wo kuchizusamu
as I hum a song
nantonaku shiawase na boku wa omoide wo NEKUTAI ni shikonde
I, who am happy for no reason, place my memories in my necktie
kagami wo mitsumeru
as I gaze into the mirror

sou ieba mousugu haru desu ne
Now that I think of it, it’ll soon be Spring
hanami wa doko ni ikundesuka
Where will you go to see the flower bloom?

kotoshi wa hayaku sakusou desu
It seems like the flowers will bloom early this year
mata itsuka aeru to iidesu ne
I hope we will see each other again next time

nantonaku shiawase na boku wa hito no nagare wo jama shinai you ni
I, who am happy for no reason, make sure to not bother the flow of the crowd
shizuka ni odoru
as I dance quietly
nantonaku shiawase na boku wa komorebi no naka wo sanpo shinagara
I, who am happy for no reason, take a walk under the trees and sunlight
mirai ni hohoemu
while smiling to the future

Translation Notes

  • 仕込んで: Because WORLD ORDER’s lyrics are not released immediately, especially this song which was only released less than a week ago, the Japanese lyrics (thus its translation too) may not be 100% correct.


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Author’s Notes

WORLD ORDER continues to share their peaceful message, now with two videos of the same song, delivering a calming song about enjoying the simplicity of happiness. It doesn’t have to be a loud cheer or a big shout; the happiness can be quiet and expressed to only oneself. The humble nature of such a song makes it calming, allowing me to appreciate the passing time.

Even with Genki Sudo removed from the dancing and singing, with Akihiro Takahashi and Masato Ochiai replacing him, the song still has the WORLD ORDER vibe. This may be because Sudo is still the group’s director, choreographer and producer, but in the end, even when he isn’t the front man, WORLD ORDER is still WORLD ORDER. It sort of illustrates that Sudo has handed those roles down to the “next generation” instead of requiring all of WORLD ORDER’s video be identified by his presence alone. It’s his message to us that image is not everything and that the message should ring louder than the people performing. I do still hope to see Sudo cameo in future videos. But until then, I’ll enjoy this quiet happiness of seeing another WORLD ORDER video.


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5 Responses to QUIET HAPPINESS – WORLD ORDER lyrics

  1. Jasawa says:

    your translation and notes make this song even more powerful to me.
    Every feeling i have with this song make senses now.
    Thank you sir. I am really grateful.
    To be able to sing along (with the lyrics), and understand the meaning of it (with the translation) at the same time are the quiet happiness of mine.

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  4. Thank you for posting the translation and the lyrics to this! Its such a beautiful song and the lyrics complement it really well too.

  5. Your way of telling everything in this paragraph is genuinely fastidious,
    all can easily know it, Thanks a lot.

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