Ame Nochi Hare – Rita lyrics


“Rain, then Shine” (雨のち晴れ; ame nochi hare) is a song sung by Japanese singer and voice actress Rita (理多), whose real name is Riko Hirai (平井 理子; hirai riko). With the music composed by the two member group PMMK (PostMärchen by Minato Kawai), a group which start in 1999 and consists of director/designer Minato Kawai (川相 湊; kawai minato) and composer Rintarou Iwashita (岩下 倫太郎; iwashita rintarou), the song was used in Key’s 2007 visual novel “Little Busters!” as the ending theme song for the characters Kudryavka Noumi (能美 クドリャフカ; noumi kudoryafuka) and Mio Nishizono (西園 美魚; nishizono mio). The song was first released in the visual novel’s original soundtrack album under the Key Sounds label on August 17th, 2007 along with other songs from the series.
The song was later used in the 2012 anime adaption of the visual novel, utilized as the first season’s ending theme in episodes 14 and 23, episodes which appropriately closes the character arc for Mio and Kudryavka respectively.


With its rainy tones, “Rain, then Shine” by Rita is a short tale of cloudy days. The narrator continues her day as raindrops fall, filling her heart with nostalgia of a person who had taught her many things. The way to count the passing rain. The way to trace scars of the past. And most especially about this person’s words that had told her how the tears of everyone serve to be what weathers the earth, allowing time to pass on. And eventually, there will be the sun and its ray to bless you…


michibata ni saku akai hanabira ga
On the roadside, a red flower blooms
ame ni somatteiku no kyou mo
And today again, it is rained upon
すれ違う子ら 浅い水たまりを撥ね 家路走る
surechigau kora asai mizutamari wo hane ieji hashiru
The children that pass by hop over shallow rain puddles as they run home
hitoshizuku ochitekuru tabi
With every drop of rain that falls
hitoshizuku kokoro afureru
My heart is filled with a drop of water
あなたが教えてくれた 雨音の数え方を
anata ga oshietekureta ameoto no kazoekata wo
As you had taught me, the way of counting the sound of rain

hidarite ni motsu toshoshitsu de karita hon ga nurenai youni aruku
I walk, trying to keep dry in my left hand the book I had borrowed from the library
悲しくて空仰いでみたなら あなたのあの言葉
kanashikute sore aoidemita nara anata no ano kotoba
When I looked up at the sad sky, your words were there

寄り道をして高い校舎の屋上 けぶる景色を見てた
yorimichi wo shite takai kousha no okujyou keburu keshiki wo miteta
Making a detour through the tall school’s rooftop, I looked at the fogging scenery
色褪せた街 赤に緑傘の色だけが映える
iroaseta machi aka ni midori kasa no iro dake ga haeru
In this town of fading colors, I only see red and green umbrellas
amadare ga shittaru tabi
As the raindrops continue to drip
amadare ni kokoro furueru
The raindrops ripples in my heart
anata ga shirushitekureta kizuato no anzorikata wo
And I recall how to trace the scars you had marked for me

遠くには川 霞む橋渡る電車揺れてもここは静か
tooku niwa kawa kasumu hashi wataru densha yurete mo koko wa shizuka
There is a river far away, and even when a train crosses the foggy bridge, it’s quiet here
届かないこと分かったときには あなたのあの言葉
todokanai koto wakatta toki niwa anata no ano kotoba
When I had realized that I wouldn’t reach you*, your words were there

人たちはこの空飛ぶことは叶わないけど その代わり
hitotachi wa kono sora tobu koto wa kanawanai kedo sono kawari
People will not be able to fly in these skies, but in exchange
いま流す涙は天に昇りまた 雨となり還る
ima nagasu namida wa ten ni nobori mata ame to nari kaeru
Their fallen tears now will climb to the heavens and become the rain

西風が吹く雲が流れて 木陰にツグミの顔が覗く
nishikaze ga fuku kumo ga nagarete kokage ni tsugumi no kao ga nozoku
As clouds flow with the blowing West wind, a Thrush* peeks out from under the trees
立ち止まる ほら淡い影ひとつわたしの傍 のびる
tachidomaru hora awai kage hitotsu watashi no soba noboru
As I stand still, see, my one and only faint shadow grows tall
soshite koko ni hikari wa sasu
And then the light pierces here

灰色 雲間が割れて金の幕 降りる
haiiro kumoma ga warete kin no maku oriru
From the breaking ash-grey clouds, golden curtains pass through
飛び立つ鳥たち 追いかけ虹が架かる
tobidatsu toritachi oikake niji ga kakaru
As the birds begin to fly off, a rainbow appears
少女が走ればその先 待つ人がいる
shoujo ga hashireba sono saki matsu hito ga iru
If the young girl runs, someone will be waiting for her
ryoute wo nobasu to saigo no shizuku ochiru
As I stretch my hands out, the final raindrop falls

こぼれた涙は乾き 微笑みが戻る
koboreta namida wa kawaki hohoemi ga modoru
As my tears dry, my smile returns to me
橋の向こうから 茜に空が染まる
hashi no mukou kara akane ni sora ga somaru
Beyond the bridge, the sky is painted in red
ashita wa hirogeta kasa ni hi no nioi atsume
Tomorrow, my umbrella will collect the smell of the sun*
dareka ga nagashita namida wo sora ni kaesu
As someone’s fallen tears return to the sky

Translation Notes

  • When translating Japanese, there are times when the sentences or phrases are very context reliant, especially when the subject of the sentence is removed (it still makes sense, but yet again, it requires context). But in the lyrics, it creates a vagueness that allows readers/listeners to interpret the sentence with some freedom. Yet, for some, it can create confusion.
  • The Japanese Thrush (鶫; tsugumi; scientific name: Turdus cardis) is a bird species of the Thrush (Scientific name: Turdidae) family. The family is not exactly commonly known by its name, but exist throughout the world and are known by their species, such as the Robin and the Bluebird.
  • In Japanese, if not noted before, the sun’s ray is depicted as “the dust of the sun”. In this lyrics, they add on that the rays of the sun also have a smell to it, settling on the umbrella.


Other songs by Rita or from Little Busters!

  • TBA

Author’s Note

Another song under the Key company (might as well make a tag for it), and this time it’s from “Little Busters!”. This series may not exactly match up to the more popular ones, such as “Clannad” or “Angel Beats,” but for sure it doesn’t mean it’s any less popular and fantastic. It digs into childhood memories and nostalgia, which ring within my heart like a drop of rain. I especially started off with this song from the series because my favorite character (and the one I can most identify with) is Mio.

Rita’s voice has entranced me at times for its uniqueness. Although she is seemingly young in her 30s (no official age has been released for her, although there are images around hte net), the voice she produces sounds both cute and quite mature. She sounds somewhat motherly if I had to comment, which is not only uncommon with visual novel singers (at least for me), but it also adds a different depth into the songs she sings. The songs she sung for in Little Busters! are all wonderful, hooking me on the spot when I first heard them. They truly wrench at the heart with a kind yet sad air, filled with a touch of nostalgia.

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