Time Machine – 1640mP feat. Miku Hatsune lyrics

Time machine f loading screen by guitar

“Time Machine” is a song co-produced by vocaloid producers 40meterP (40㍍P; yonjuu meetoru P, also known as “40mP”) and 164, or “1640㍍” (1640 meetoru) in regards to their collaboration, with the former providing the music and the latter being the lyricist. With Miku Hatsune (初音ミク; hatsune miku) at the mic, the song was first uploaded on NicoNico Douga on September 13th, 2010, later uploaded on YouTube on December 2nd, 2011. The illustrator for the song’s official art is guitar (ぎた; gita).

The song was first released in EXIT TUNES’ compilation album “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloanthems” which was released on September 15th, 2010 under the EXIT TUNES’ label. It has been included in other vocaloid albums, especially 40meterP’s second doujin album, “kotaeawase” (コタエアワセ; lit. “Reviewing Answers”), which was released on January 16th, 2011 at THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 15, under the label 40 Meter Hashi.

The song’s MMD (MikuMiku Dance) music video can be seen here at NicoNico Douga. For the YouTube side, watch it here. The NND version is recommended if you do not wish for any interference in the video (ie. gameplay aspects).


A song of farewells, “Time Machine” by 164 and 40meterP illustrates the parting of the narrator with someone who they love. With the time for departure arriving once again, the narrator boards the “time machine.” Although they have gotten used to seeing the sad expression of their dearest, it does not change that each parting is just as heart wrenching as the last. Even if the memories remain and they’ll meet again, the narrator looks forward to returning to this significant other.


得意げに呟いた 心配ないからと
tokuige ni tsubuyaita shinpainai kara to
Proudly whispering to you that there is nothing to worry about
人の少ないホームで ヘタクソに強がった
hito no sukunai HOOMU de hetakuso ni tsuyogatta
On a station platform* scarce of people, I awkwardly tried to act strong

唐突に鳴り響く 僕を呼ぶ別れの音
toutotsu ni narihibiku boku wo yobu wakare no oto
The sound of departure that calls for me suddenly ringing out
見慣れたその泣き顔も しばらくは見れないね
minareta sono nakigao mo shibaraku wa mirenaine
That crying expression I’ve gotten used to, I won’t be able to see it for a while

声が遮られていく 身振り手振りで伝える
koe ga saegirareteiku miburiteburi de tsutaeru
With a voice that keeps stumbling, and a hand that waves to me
“itterasshai” no SAIN
The sign* of you saying “have a safe journey”*

少しずつ小さくなってく 全部置いたまま
sukoshi zutsu chiisaku natteku zenbu oita mama
Becoming small little by little*, leaving everything just how they were
悲しくなんかないさと イヤホンで閉じ込めたよ
kanashiku nankanaisa to IYAHON de tojikometa yo
Claiming that I am not feeling lonely, I hole myself up with my headphones

見えたんだぼんやりと 暖かい昨日のビジョン
mietanda bonyari to kotatakai kinou no BIJON
I could see it, although vaguely, the vision of a warm yesterday
右と左に広がって 僕を連れて行くのさ
migi to hidari ni hirogatte boku wo tsureteiku no sa
Stretching out from the left to the right, it carries me along

僕の横をすり抜けて 遠ざかっていく景色
boku no yoko wo surinukete toozakatteiku keshiki
Slipping right past me, the receding scenery
ano hi no boku wo oiteku
I leave behind my self from that day

こぼれた涙一滴(ひとしずく)の 意味も分からずに
koboreta namida hitoshizuku no imi mo wakarazuni
Without understanding the meaning behind the falling tear drops
タイムマシンにゆられて 明日も元気でいるよ
TAIMUMASHIN ni yurarete ashita mo genki deiru yo
While being shaken within the time machine*, I’ll be doing well tomorrow too

こぼれた涙一滴(ひとしずく)の 意味も分からずに
koboreta namida hitoshizuku no imi mo wakarazuni
Without understanding the meaning behind the falling tear drops
タイムマシンにゆられて 明日も元気で
TAIMUMASHIN ni yurarete ashita mo genki de
While being shaken within the time machine, may you be doing well tomorrow too

溢れる涙抑え切れず 意味も分からずに
afureru namida osaekirezu imi mo wakarazuni
Without understanding the meaning behind the overflowing tears I cannot hold back
タイムマシンにゆられて また戻ってくるよ
TAIMUMASHIN ni yurarete mata modottekuru yo
While being shaken within the time machine, I’ll return again for sure

Translation Notes

  • Despite it seemingly “home” in the lyrics, “ホーム” (hoomu) is referring “(a train station’s) platform” which can be pronounced as either “purattofoomu” (プラットフォーム) or “purattohoomu” (プラットホーム) in Japanese. Instead of referring it as simply “platform,” I included “station” in the lyrics.
  • In this part of the lyrics, “sign” refers to a “signal” or a “queue” that the significant other is about to say “have a safe journey.”
  • In English, just like many other cultural terms, “itterasshai” does not have a perfect translation. The opposite/response, “ittekimasu” (行ってきます), has something quite close (“I’ll be off” or “I’m going”) that sounds alright, but “itterasshai” awkwardly means “please go off” or “go on” if directly translated. Since “itterasshai” is used commonly when people leave a home and is expected to eventually return, I chose a phrase with a similar meaning in English: “have a safe journey.”
  • Hinted by the lyrics, the narrator is riding a non-specified vehicle (although likely a train). And as the narrator looks back out the window, they see their significant other shrink into the distance.
  • While possibly not an actual time machine, the lyrics suggests the vehicle is like a time machine. With how the likely setting of the song is at the end of summer vacation (supported by the song’s MMD music video), the narrator leaves on a “time machine” only to return at a later date. It may also refer to the recipient’s perspective where the narrator will return after “traveling through time” and greeting them later in the future.


Other songs by Miku Hatsune

  • TBA

Author’s Notes

A time machine. Not in the form of a vehicle to go back to the past, but the thought of it being a device that moves forward in time. In the end, “time machine” refers to any machine/vehicle that is capable of moving back and forward in time. Of course, we wouldn’t think a simple train would be considered as one, but the way this song has described it has made me believe that in some respect, it is one. When you see someone off at a train station and eventually they return how many hours, days or even years after they left, that train feels like a time machine. Yes, you and the other may have grown in age, but nonetheless, time has passed and they have returned on that same train. Somewhat romantic, when you think about it.

Departures at the end of the vacation or any extended visit is usually a tear-jerking event between friends and family, especially when the visit is to a place you know you won’t visit often. Even if it’s somewhere you go to almost every month, to some people, that small span of time can feel very long, even if you yourself do not think so. And when you visit someone who is out somewhere that is more rural, where there isn’t exactly much to do, time toils more on a person’s patience than those who are “busy” in the city. It brings me back to my days out in the country when I saw some of my friends leave after a long vacation. Even now, there are some significant others I haven’t seen in a while and am waiting on this metaphoric platform for when we ever meet again…

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