Welcome to Green Moriyama’s translation blog. The below includes information in regards to the blog itself and also information of the creator of this blog.
Be sure to credit “Green Moriyama” if you utilize any of the lyrics provided on this blog. Thank you.

The Blog

In regards to the format of this wordpress blog, the majority of it is dedicated to my translation of Japanese music. Other items include (but are not limited to) updates, announcements, fan fictions/original stories, and other translation works for non-music items; these may or may not follow the format section below.

As will be evident as I start to post more here, my translation experience is not limited to music. I have experience with translation works for games, manga, anime and other miscellaneous works which spans the last decade. In all honesty though, my interest to devote to translations roots from translating music during my school years.


Translations will provide the following: information on the song (title, singing/composing artists, background and origins, etc.), a brief synopsis behind the lyrics, the lyrics itself (original Japanese, romaji and English), translation notes, glossary to other songs related, and author notes.


The information that will be provided will include the basic information of the song’s name and the singer. The album/single it came from, its composer, release date, and other information are also likely to be provided if available. This also includes what series it may be from if the song was used in a drama or anime series, the reason it may had been made by its artist, and other whatnot that may be added.


Most songs will have meaning in its lyrics, simple or complicated. The subject of some are obvious while others are not. This section will provide the story of the song from what I view; it may not be 100%, but I will do my best in portraying what the song is about.

Translating Lyrics

The style of the translation will follow a “semi-hard translation” style. Unlike some translators who will translate lyrics in a way that is mostly understandable in the targeted language, the translations provided here will be closer to the original words. The same applies when a specific Japanese word is used in the lyrics and removing it would cause a loss in meaning in the lyrics; the original terms will be written in romaji and be italicized (as I will do with all Japanese terms written in roman lettering, ie. the alphabet). In such cases, a translation note will be supplied.

In the obvious case that the original lyrics hold words that would be too hard to translate into a short enough phrase, a proper translation will be used and a translation note will also be supplied.

Glossary and Author’s note

The glossary…is a glossary that leads to other related songs, either by the same artist or the same genre. There will be tags, but the glossary itself will be a simple shortcut to the songs.

The author’s note, on the other hand, will be personal comments. Contrast to the synopsis, this will be much more personal and talk about subjects related to the song, not about it.


If you have any questions about format otherwise than what is explained about, please comment or send a small email to “greenmoriyama@gmail.com”.


Name: Green Moriyama (森山 供林 moriyama gurin)
Birth/Birthplace: Sept 6, 1992/Osaka, Japan
Current Locations: Osaka, Japan; Stanford, California, United States of America

My name is Green Moriyama, and welcome to my translation blog. I currently flutter between America and Japan due to my work and interests. If you wish to ask me about anything in regards to the blog or myself, just ask below or send a PM. If you prefer email, send to “greenmoriyama@gmail.com”.

Biography (abridged)





3 Responses to About

  1. Doug says:

    Greetings Green,

    My name is Doug and I live in San Francisco. I’ve been conversing often with Ani from the WO International Fan site and she has mentioned that you will also be attending the J-Pop Summit with a VIP ticket. I and another friend will also be attending as VIPs and would definitely enjoy meeting other WO fans.

    I’ve left you my email address if you are interested in meeting at some point during the Summit!

  2. Harry Almanza says:

    Hellow I live in Panama, central America, I do love manga.. specially my first one.. Nagasarete Airantou, but I am upset of wainting toooo much for a new chapter… and I really want to get chapters 150-160 when we will have a good drama.. but I would wish to know why do ou guys take sooo long to release a new chapter?… send me an email if you want help or talk to me at almanza.harry123@gmail.com

    • Hello Harry,
      I’m sorry to hear that you are frustrated about the slow release. This blog is not the appropriate place to be asking that question since this is a blog for my blog work. You can either email me at the gmail I’ve noted under “Format -> Questions” or touch up with Vortex on their site and forum.
      To keep it short, we are trying to reliven the scanlation of the series. We just had a dead period where people left our group and other members simply became busy. If you have anything else to ask, please contact me through the email instead.
      Thank you and have a good day,
      Green Moriyama

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